Testimonies from our past volunteers

Ms. Shruti Iyer (Student Volunteer – California, USA)

I was already familiar with the setting and feel, and some of the logistics of what I consider to be a typical American hospital. Volunteering with CAN-STOP opened my eyes to the problems some other countries face in terms of health/medical care. I could visibly see differences between American health care and Indian health care system. It made me appreciate more of what I took for granted, and motivated me for my future endeavors in health care.
I learnt so much from playing with the kids at the Institute of Child Health in Egmore. Watching little kids fight cancer with little comfort they were given was inspiring. They were thankful for glasses of PediaSure every few days, and were awestruck by the pictures my iPhone could take. While I taught them how to trace stencils and a few English words, they helped me master my Tamil. Despite their conditions, they were still so eager for new experiences, and the experiences like this  made me understand  and appreciate life more. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at CAN-STOP, and am thankful for having the opportunity.