Can-Wish / Making wishes come true for kids

One other major program of CAN- STOP is CAN-WISH. This aims at fulfilling the wishes of critically ill children up to the age of 16 years. By interacting with them and their parents, volunteers of CAN- STOP find out what their wishes are and try to fulfil them. A panel of doctors throughout the city would help in choosing the children and referring them to CAN- WISH.

Excursions and Camps, custom-made for these children would be organized by CAN- WISH. By this it is hoped that the children brought out of the sterile hospital environment would truly enjoy themselves and forget their pain for this short while.

The first such program of CAN- WISH was launched on 31st January, 1999. Twelve Year old Varun (who has been fighting the disease since 1994) along with five other children from the cancer ward of the Institute of Child Health, Chennai had an opportunity to meet the Indian and Pakistani cricket teams while they were in Chennai. It was a treat to watch the childrens faces when they met their heroes.

If you are interested in fulfilling a wish for a child click here.